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Sony FS-700

Super 35-Camcorder SONY NEX FS-700 R (Firmware Vers. 3.01)

Zoom lenses: Sony E PZ 18-110mm F4 G OSS, Canon 4/24-105mm, , Canon 2,8/70-20o with Metabones Speed Booster, Sony 4/10-18mm, Sony 3,5-5,6/18-55mm, Sony 3,5-63/18-200mm
Fixed lenses: Sigma Art 1,4/35,mm, Sigma Art 1,4/50mm, Sigma Art 1,4/85mm, Olympus OM 2,0/21mm, 2,0/28mm, 2,0/100mm, 2,8/135mm, 4,0/200mm

Atomos Shogun Inferno (ProRes / DNxHD), 960GB SSD

Atomos Samurai Blade (ProRes / DNxHD), 2 x 256GB SSD
Alphatron EVF035W-3G (SDI, HDMI)

Movcam Rig made for Sony VCT-14, Chrosziel Light Weight Support LWS, Follow Focus, Sunshade

from 80 €* to 350 €*, depending on configuration (lenses, light, sound)

Tripods: Vinten Vision 100 with Sachtler CF Speed Lock HD,
Vinten Vision 100 with Vinten Fibertec legs

30 €* each

Audiomixer: Sound Devices 442 N or SQN-2S

Microphones: Sennheiser MKH-60, MD-441
Lavaliers: Tram, Voice Technologies and Sennheiser
Boom: Ambient Quickpole, Windshield: Rycote

Wireless Radio Mics:
2 x Lectrosonics LT Transmitter,
2 x Lectrosonics LR Digital Hybrid Receiver

2 x Sennheiser evolution ew100 G2-Set,
handheld transmitter mic

Mixer 35 €* each

Boom Set 20 €*

Radio mic Lectrosonics
(incl. mic): 36 €*

Radio mic evolution:
(incl. mic): 20 €*

Tungsten Light Sets: Sachtler 3 x 650 W
Ianiro Gulliver Set 3 x 300 W
Dedolight Light Set 3 x 150 W
Dedolight with dimmer 150 W

Daylight: Kobold DLF 400 (HMI) with Chimera VideoPlus-Softbox

Fluorescence: Kinoflo Diva Lite 400 (daylight, mixed or tungsten)

LED: F&V K4000S Bi-Color LED Studio Panel
F&V K4000 Daylight LED Studio Panel

Headlight IDX X3-Lite
Headlight Bebob Lux-LED 16
Headlight Litepanels MicroPro
Headlight Litepanels Micro

Sachtler Set: 25 €*
Ianiro Set: 25 €*
Dedolight Set: 36 €*
Dedolight Single: 10 €*

HMI: 25 €*
HMI with Softbox: 40 €*

Kinoflo: 40 €*

Bi-Color LED 20 €*
Daylight LED 15 €*

LED-Headlight je 10 €*



4K-Recorder (optional):
Atomos Shogun Inferno (ProRes / DNxHD), 960GB SSD

HD-Recorder (optional):
Atomos Samurai Blade  (ProRes / DNxHD), 2 x 256 GB SSDs

Shogun 50 €*
Samurai 30 €*

HD-viewfinder (optional): Alphatron EVF035W-3G (SDI, HDMI)

20 €*

TVLogic LVM-091W (9″ HD SDI monitor)
Lilliput Q5 (5,5″ HD SDI/HDMI monitor)

TV-Logic 25 €*
Lilliput 15 €*


*plus VAT (19%)