· cameraman Rainer Friedrich image videos, TV-reports, documentaries

Director:Thomas Hillebrandt
Camera:Rainer Friedrich, Armin Buchroithner, Roman Schlaack
Sound: René Dohme, Felix Schlechte, Beatrix Wiggeshoff
Editing:Marko Barisic
Production Company:Sichtzeit
First Broadcasted:October 16, 2011

“Operation South Wall” (Einsatz in der Südwand)

3sat, 30 minutes

The new Dimension of Mountain Rescue
Worldwide mountain rescue experts have long been looking for new techniques that increase safety in the mountains and make operations possible in any situation. Now for the first time such a technique was used: the world’s first navigation system for the mountain rescue service was tested in Dachstein’s south wall. The rescuers of Ramsau climbed on purpose into the huge wall in dense fog. They were only guided by the new navigation technology.
Specialists from Austria have measured the whole south wall with a laser scanner. From this database cartographers of TU Dresden have generated a 3-D-map of the wall with up to then unprecedented accuracy.