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koelnkamera weltweit: In den markierten Ländern habe ich schon gedreht, in den weißen bisher nicht. Es gibt also noch viel zu tun!

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Rainer Friedrich
Annastr. 47
D-50968 Köln / Cologne
phone +49 172 2907249
mail: info@colognecamera.com


„Nothing is more amazing than the simple truth, nothing is more exotic than our environment, nothing is more imaginative than the practicality. And there is nothing more sensational in the world as the time in which one lives.“

– Egon Erwin Kisch

Since more than 20 years I am working as a freelance cameraman. Reports and documentaries are my favourite subjects (more than 50 I have already shot). As a DOP I am also crazy about industry, marketing and medical films. I shoot magazine films of all kinds (like scientific topics, I’m a photo engineer with diploma). And I’m looking forward to filming with children, elderly and sick people, i.e. topics where empathy and patience are important.

The collaboration with professional and nice colleagues, interesting themes, cinematic challenges, and all this worldwide – for me this is the big attraction of the profession of a cameraman. I am very grateful to be able to exercise this beautiful profession! So if you are looking for an experienced, curious, friendly and always motivated cameraman with fair prices and outstanding equipment – get in touch with me…

A little „philosophy“

As a cameraman you should bring multiple talents: to deal with the camera technology blindfolded, the perfect control of light, cropping and movement are self-evident.
In addition human qualities are important: often the sensitive handling of the protagonists is much more about the success of the shooting than „only“ the technical and artistic aspects. A friendly, sensitive team often „gets closer“ because it knows when it’s time to keep distance. To make people feel confident and not to betray someone’s trust – a constant goal of my work.
That’s why I only work with experienced assistants, who are both human and technically advanced class.
If you subscribe to my view – I would be very happy about your approach.

You can book me as a cameraman or camerateam, on 10-hour basis or a flat rate for larger projects. My assistants are no trainees, only qualified personnel, I have a team vehicle (new VW Sharan) and excellent equipment.


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