· cameraman Rainer Friedrich image videos, TV-reports, documentaries

Director:Wolfgang Luck
Camera:Rainer Friedrich
Sound:Florian Schmitz
Editing:Karl-Heinz Satzger
Production Company:Luckfilm
First Broadcasted:February 24, 2021

“The Emigrants” (Die Auswanderer)

Betrifft, SWR, 90 minutes

Karin and Walter are in their mid-70s and live in a small town in the Ostalb. They dare to try something new in their old age: they rent a cheap house in Greece, in the middle of a romantic orange grove. Finally they can soak up the Greek sun. But the first winter turns out to be very different from what they had imagined – and then the Corona pandemic comes along. The viewers experience first-hand how Karin and Walter try not to let it get them down.
Iris, a pensioner from Karlsruhe, has also bought a small house in northern Greece with all her savings. A courageous step, because she has just survived a cancer operation. A few surprises await her in Greece: Where does the high craftsman’s bill come from and why does the Greek state want to tax her small pension? Iris struggles through, grows organic vegetables in her own garden and rescues street dogs.
Then there is another very special emigrant on the Aegean island of Skiathos: Rita. She is 100 years old and has lived happily in Greece for almost 60 years. Yoga every morning and swimming in the sea keep her fit, she says. Greece is her „fountain of youth“. Rita emigrated when it was not yet fashionable and has not regretted it for a second: „Greece is the happiness of my life,“ she says. SWR author Wolfgang Luck accompanied Rita, Iris, Karin and Walter for two years. It’s a film about Greek hospitality, German-Greek resentment and moments of nostalgia for home. And about the courage to set out at an advanced age.