· cameraman Rainer Friedrich image videos, TV-reports, documentaries

Director:Julia Zinke
Camera:Rainer Friedrich, Alexander Rott
Sound:Tim Pattberg, Carsten Kramer
Editing:Kai Minierski
Production Company:Lonamedia
First Broadcasted:April 5, 2018

“Happy without Partner” (Glücklich ohne Partner)

Menschen hautnah, WDR, 30 minutes

Matthias Terhorst has decided to live without a partner. The 36-year-old entered a Catholic order seven years ago and has been living abstaining ever since. Previously, he had relationships with women. Why did he choose this „strict“ path? How great is the renunciation really and what can religious life give it instead? „There is a love of God that I feel, that motivates me to make these promises and live and act by them.“ The great day now lies ahead for Matthias Terhorst: he will receive the sacrament of Holy Orders for life and thus take the last, final step on his long way into the order. Do doubts arise shortly before and how will he experience this great day?

„Happy without a partner“ accompanies two people on their way to an alternative life plan. What does it mean for men and women between the ages of 30 and 40 in particular to live without a permanent relationship? Matthias Terhorst has chosen God and the Order. He puts his life at the service of the community. But how does his environment deal with this and how difficult is it to keep to the rules of the order despite conviction?

Britta Müller, on the other hand, is not completely single by choice, yet she no longer wants to make her happiness dependent on a man. But can she really imagine not having children and what exactly does she have to change to become happy anyway?