· cameraman Rainer Friedrich image videos, TV-reports, documentaries

Director:Katharina Wolff
Camera:Rainer Friedrich, Frank Kranstedt
Sound:Sven Phil Lentzen, Markus Hohn, Alexander Czart
Editing:Christoph Hermann
Production Company:Migra Film, Köln
First Broadcasted:February 4, 2013

“Reading, Writing, Disturbing” (Lesen, Schreiben, Stören)

Die Story, WDR, 45 minutes

Slow learners, rowdies, pupils with behavioral problems and disabilities: these children were often considered as „troublemakers“ at school and were often taught in special needs schools. This should come to an end in North Rhine-Westphalia now. „Inclusion“ is the magic word for the biggest education revolution for a long time: common classes for disabled as non-disabled students, for high flyers as well as for slow learners, behavior disordered, blind or wheelchair children, all under one roof.

And parents should be allowed to decide whether their child attends the new school. Teachers have to comply in the case of doubt.

Inclusion – what’s behind it? Social romanticism or future concept? How deal students, parents and teachers with it? Reporter Katharina Wolff accompanied children, who were seen as „too difficult“ for the regular school system. Their new life in the „normal“ school is an opportunity for many, but no picnic. Often they struggle with hostility and excessive demands.

Teachers and parents, who are puzzled, unhappy or disagree with each other because of the educational innovations already feel the limits of the inclusion experiment – just before it gets really serious.