· cameraman Rainer Friedrich image videos, TV-reports, documentaries

Director:Wolfgang Luck
Camera:Rainer Friedrich
Sound:Veselin Zografov
Editing:Karl-Heiz Satzger
Production Company:Luckfilm
First Broadcasted:March 23, 2016

“In no Time to Bulgaria (Part 1)” (Ruckzuck nach Bulgarien (Teil 1))

SWR, 45 minutes

Part 1: Retirement at the Black Sea

More and more german pensioners emigrate to Bulgaria because life there is – without the euro – more economical.

63-year old superwoman Annette Britsch from Bad Rappenau brought up four children and lived a colourful life: failed marriages, many moves, several jobs: a vine grower education, working as a nurse and the management of the fitness centre „Ruckzuck“ – a sweat shop for women. But now it’s time to go in no time – ruckzuck – to the Black Sea. An escape from poverty againt the elderly. After the divorce came through she noticed that she had to survive with a pension of 550 Euro a month. „I gave four children to this country and kept working hard for all my life: and that’s all the thanks I get for it!“. Mrs. Britsch calculated coldly: she gets 20.000 Euro „compensation“ from her ex and after that for three years 500 Euro monthly as support. Frau Britsch risks all and buys from everything she has a little appartment in the tourist spot Varna at the Black Sea.