· cameraman Rainer Friedrich image videos, TV-reports, documentaries

Director:Wolfgang Luck
Camera:Rainer Friedrich, Julian Kolb
Sound:Rainer Friedrich
Editing:Karl-Heinz Satzger
Production Company:Luckfilm
First Broadcasted:March 24, 2018

“The Search for the Gobi Bear” (Auf der Spur des Gobibären)

arte, 45 minutes

„The Search for the Gobi bear“ accompanies mongolian scientists at their expedition to the mongolian-chinese boarder. With the help of photo traps they want to prove that this legendary animal is really existing and they want to examine how endangered this species is, what threatens its biotope and what activities are necessary to protect the bear.
In the isolation of the mongolian Gobi desert lives a since centuries storied animal: the Gobi bear. For a long time Mongolians thought the „mazaalai“ is a mythical creature, a kind of desert-Yeti that nomads talk a lot about in their yurts but rarely has seen someone. But now mongolian scientists not only prove the existence of the little brown bear. They also verify that this species is in danger of extinction.
The photo traps show that a least 23 Gobi bears live in the desert. The animals are well adapted to the life in the Gobi desert, they feed on rhubarb roots and grasshoppers. But not only climate change threatens their survival. Many watering holes are dried up in the last years and the bears have to go for longer distances to find water and food. With support from Germany the mongolian bear researchers are planing to realise a protection program. But this is only able to be successfull when the desert nomads take an active part in it. Although the Gobi national park is strictly protected their huge herds of cashmere goats are getting closer to the bears in search of pasture grounds.