· cameraman Rainer Friedrich image videos, TV-reports, documentaries

Director:Wolfgang Luck
Camera:Rainer Friedrich
Sound:Alexander Joksimovic
Editing:Karl-Heinz Satzger
Production Company:Luckfilm
First Broadcasted:September 10, 2014

“Outside Again” (Wieder draussen)

DasErste, 30 minutes

Don’t people have the right to a second chance even after serious crimes? But then how to protect their environment from reoffending? With these questions filmmaker Wolfgang Luck travels to Ludwigshafen’s jail. There he meets a man who murdered his wife and is now prepared with the help of extensive therapy offerings for life in freedom. His social worker sees that quite pragmatic: maybe our prisoners are ticking time bombs but our job is to disarm them.

But how reliable are such treatments: will they turn dangerous criminals to average citizens willing to integrate?